All our unfiltered juices are only ever made from our own fruit,

freshly pressed by us and never from concentrate.

There is no added sugar either.......... all the sweetness comes from the Cornish sunshine!!!

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Red Grape Juice

In 2011 we planted our first 1000 vines on our south facing hillside - they were Rondo & Regent, two red varieties ideally suited to our climate. Unfortunately, as with all vines, we had to have lots of patience to allow them to establish before fruiting, and three long years later we picked our first grapes. Every year the weather conditions alter the levels of sugar and acidity in our grapes and we eagerly anticipate tasting each new year's vintage of juice from each variety.

trevozah juice cornish red grapes


Verjus is grape juice pressed from a select pick of our unripe grapes. We pick Rondo right at the beginning of the ripening process, when half of the fruit has just started to turn pink. The yield from the unripe fruit is low (and therefore very precious!) but tart, and was originally used by the Romans as an alternative to citrus when they were in Britain. It has also always been popular in middle eastern cooking and continues to be so.


Trevozah's Verjus has gentle acidity and is perfect for salad dressings and marinades; the crisp, fresh and sour taste adds the perfect balance to cocktails -  we love a Verjus whisky-sour!

trevozah verjus grapes

White Grape Juice

A year later we planted our next 600 vines and chose two white grape varieties, Phoenix and Solaris, which have very different characters. We produce the two single varietal juices of contrasting flavours, the sweeter Solaris and drier Phoenix. We have also experimented this year and now produce a blend of the two juices to suit all tastes.

trevozah juice cornish white grapes

Sea Buckthorn Juice

Sea Buckthorn is found growing wild around the coasts of the UK, but it seems remarkably happy growing in our Cornish field! We harvest the densely held berries, and simply press the juice before bottling. The juice has a unique sour flavour that compliments game when incorporated in sauces as well as being used in sorbets, cheesecakes, coulis and a whole host of tasty dishes. Of course we also love it in cocktails (there's a theme developing..!)


The juice retains it's vivid orange colour but does naturally separate when stood for any length of time - simply invert the bottle gently a few times to mix.

trevozah juice cornish sea buckthorn